• Owning Retirement Homes. Formerly Sue Ryder Homes

  • Fields of Rape Seed

    A sea of yellow rapeseed. Rich growth of April May

  • Lacy Carpenter
    Performing with American Singers in Piltown Church

  • Waterford's new Bridge
    The new bridge is the most modern landmark to be seen from around Templeorum village and surrounds .

  • Temleorum and Corbally Hill
    Corbally Hill overlooks Templeorum and the Suir Valley.

  • Fiddown Wooden Bridge
    Fiddown Bridge was constructed in 1853 by Waterford and Limerick Railway Company. The bridge was taken over by Great Southern and Western Railway in 1901. It was the last toll bridge in Ireland, until the modern toll roads were introduced.
  • Tybroughney Stones
    Tybroughney Stones in the Garaveyard in Tybroughney.Maintained by interested people of Tybroughney.

  • Forgiveness Stone Eucharistic Congress
    The Forgiveness Stone where people had an opportunity to beg forgiveness for the sins of the past and in particular for forgiveness where children were harmed.
  • Sunset over the Suir
    Sunset over the Suir from "Fiddown Bridge".
  • Fiddown Bridge
    Replacement bridge at Fiddown.Gateway to Waterford

Welcome To Templeorum Parish Co. Kilkenny

Welcome to Templeorum Parish situated in the heartland of south Kilkenny, Diocese of Ossory.
We extend a warm céad míle fáilte to all our parishoners who attend our three churches at Templeorum, Piltown and Owning.
We hope you will find Templeorum Parish warm welcoming parish.
In particular we extend an open invitation to all our new parishoners and especially the youth of our parish.


The Diocese of Ossory is comprised of mainly of Kilkenny, portions of County Laois and Offaly.
It has an area of 1972 square kilometres. It has 42 parishes.

The Parish of Templeorum refers to the three districts of Templeorum, Owning and Piltown. seventeen districts or townlands which comprise the Catholic Parish of Templeorum.

These are:
Templeorum: Ballynametagh: Ballypatrick: Brownmountain: Corbally: Jamestown: Mullinbeg: Oldcourt: Raheen: Tinnakilly:Ballygowan: Tobernabrone: Dowling: Ashdown: Harristown: Kilmogue: Miltown: Garrygaug.

Owning: Owning,Kilmanahan, Garryduff, Currghmore, Beatin, Castletown, Bawngarriv, Garrynarea, Craigue, Ballynacronny,Fanningstown.

Piltown: Piltown, Fiddown, Curloughan, Tybroughney, Ardclone, Kildalton, Belline and Rodgerstown, Brenar, Banagher, Gortrush, Tobernabrone, Ballyglassoon, Sandpits.

Civil parishes are eccelestiastical administrative boundaries drawn up in the 12th century as part of general church reform.

The Parish is administered by the Parish Priest duly appointed by the Bishop of Ossory.