• Owning Retirement Homes. Formerly Sue Ryder Homes

  • Fields of Rape Seed

    A sea of yellow rapeseed. Rich growth of April May

  • Lacy Carpenter
    Performing with American Singers in Piltown Church

  • Waterford's new Bridge
    The new bridge is the most modern landmark to be seen from around Templeorum village and surrounds .

  • Temleorum and Corbally Hill
    Corbally Hill overlooks Templeorum and the Suir Valley.

  • Fiddown Wooden Bridge
    Fiddown Bridge was constructed in 1853 by Waterford and Limerick Railway Company. The bridge was taken over by Great Southern and Western Railway in 1901. It was the last toll bridge in Ireland, until the modern toll roads were introduced.
  • Tybroughney Stones
    Tybroughney Stones in the Garaveyard in Tybroughney.Maintained by interested people of Tybroughney.

  • Forgiveness Stone Eucharistic Congress
    The Forgiveness Stone where people had an opportunity to beg forgiveness for the sins of the past and in particular for forgiveness where children were harmed.
  • Sunset over the Suir
    Sunset over the Suir from "Fiddown Bridge".
  • Fiddown Bridge
    Replacement bridge at Fiddown.Gateway to Waterford

Welcome To Templeorum Parish Co. Kilkenny

Sunday, 7th July, 2019

Anniversary Masses:

Piltown Church
Sat. 6th July, 2019 @6:30pm - Brigid Moran & deceased members of  the Dwyer Family, Kilmogue
Sun. 7th July, 2019 @11:00am - Anna & Michael Doherty

Owning Church
Sunday, 7th July, 2019 @10am - Tom Kenny & his mother Kitty
Sunday, 14th July, 2019 @10am - Jim Power and Mary Dunne

Templeorum Church
Sunday, 7th July, 2019 @9am - Margaret Larkin

Chaplet of Divine Mercy
Chaplet of the Divine Mercy will take place following 10am mass in Piltown this coming Friday.

Peter’s Pence
Peter’s Pence collection will take place during all Masses this weekend.
The Peter’s Pence collection is interestingly one of the oldest collections in the Church. It was first mentioned in history as far back as 1031 and in Ireland it dates back to Norman times. Pope Francis has shown us by his word and by his example the special concern he has for the poor and those on the periphery of society. Pope Francis' own personal life style is marked by great simplicity. The Peter's Pence collection is a gesture of solidarity with the Pope in his care for the poor and you are asked to contribute generously as a sign of your personal appreciation of the work of Pope Francis.                               .

Annual Parish Pilgrimage to Knock 2019
A provisional date for the Parish Annual Pilgrimage to Knock has been set for Saturday, August 10th pending numbers.  For further details or to give your name please contact Tessie O’Flynn on 051-643296 or 087-6167165.

Owning House Fundraising Event
Owning House Retirement Village will hold their Annual Summer fundraising event at the grounds on Sunday, August 11th after 10am Mass in Owning. Raffle tickets are now on sale and your support, as always, is very much appreciated.

Church Envelopes
The Summer Collection for the Priests of the Parish is now due.

Parents arranging for their children’s baptism are required to call personally to the Parish Office and will need to bring the baby’s Birth Certificate with them.  This is required under Date Protection regulations.  A minimum of three weeks’ notice should be given but it is advisable to confirm a date for the Baptism well in advance. There may be more than one Baptism booked for a particular day if the need arises and this is a common practice in many parishes.

Hospital Visits
If any parishioners have family members in hospital who would like to be visited by the Priests of the Parish, please give details to the Parish office on 051-643112.

Parish Newsletter
This week is the final newsletter of the summer. We would like to thank all those who support the newsletter throughout the year in submitting items for print and we hope that you will all have an enjoyable & safe summer.  The newsletter will resume again in September. 

G.A.A. Complex
Dancing takes place in the G.A.A. Complex every Sunday night from 9.30pm. - 12.00am.
Sunday, 7th July, 2019 – Martin Kearney

Weekend Masses in the Parish:

Piltown – Saturday @6:30pm   & Sunday @ 11am 

Owning – Sunday @ 10am 

Templeorum – Sunday @ 9am

Contact Details

Rev. Paschal Moore PP.:
051-643112 & 087-2408078
e-mail: paschalmoore@eircom.net

Rev. Richard Brennan: 085-1185866

Rev. John Condon(Retired):    051- 643124