• Owning Retirement Homes. Formerly Sue Ryder Homes

  • Fields of Rape Seed

    A sea of yellow rapeseed. Rich growth of April May

  • Lacy Carpenter
    Performing with American Singers in Piltown Church

  • Waterford's new Bridge
    The new bridge is the most modern landmark to be seen from around Templeorum village and surrounds .

  • Temleorum and Corbally Hill
    Corbally Hill overlooks Templeorum and the Suir Valley.

  • Fiddown Wooden Bridge
    Fiddown Bridge was constructed in 1853 by Waterford and Limerick Railway Company. The bridge was taken over by Great Southern and Western Railway in 1901. It was the last toll bridge in Ireland, until the modern toll roads were introduced.
  • Tybroughney Stones
    Tybroughney Stones in the Garaveyard in Tybroughney.Maintained by interested people of Tybroughney.

  • Forgiveness Stone Eucharistic Congress
    The Forgiveness Stone where people had an opportunity to beg forgiveness for the sins of the past and in particular for forgiveness where children were harmed.
  • Sunset over the Suir
    Sunset over the Suir from "Fiddown Bridge".
  • Fiddown Bridge
    Replacement bridge at Fiddown.Gateway to Waterford

Welcome To Templeorum Parish Co. Kilkenny

2021 First Holy Communion and Confirmations in Piltown Church




Saturday 10th July.    Owning and Templeorum Schools at 11.00 a.m.

Sunday 11th July.      Piltown School at 12 noon and 2.00 p.m.


First Holy Communions


Saturday 17th July.   Piltown School at 11.30 a.m. and 2.00 p.m

Sunday 18th July.      Owning and Templeorum Schools at 3.00 p.m.


Job Vacancy Piltown School Secretary

Piltown N.S. is looking for a full-time secretary on a fixed-term contract for one year from August 30th, 2021 - August 29th, 2022. Full details of the advert and how to apply can be found on educationposts.ie 


Ossory Youth Services

Ossory Youth are planning to run a ‘Pop-Up Youth Club’ in Piltown on Wed July 7th to Fri July 9th for 6th class students.

This is a three-day camp running from 10am -2pm on each day with a mixture of fun activities giving young people a taste of what a weekly youth club would provide. It would hopefully be the launch pad for a weekly club in Piltown in the Autumn.

Volunteers are needed to support the Ossory Youth staff in running the ‘Pop-Up Youth Club’, and will be supported every step of the way by Ossory Youth with Garda Vetting and Child Protection training provided. If you are interested please contact Fr. Moore/ Parish Office on 643112 or Ossory Youth at 056 7761200.


Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, Readers and Ushers needed.

Would you be willing to volunteer for any of these roles? If you are interested, make contact with Fr. Moore, any of the Sacristans or the Parish Office.


Mothers Group. Fr. Moore intends to setup a Mothers Group to foster the physical and spiritual welfare of their children; more about this soon.




  Your Mind Matters Workshop.

 Congratulations to these young people who took part in last Monday’s workshop in Piltown School, facilitated by their instructors Jacinta and Rebecca, and included here are some of the participants’ comments.


Ryan Talbot, Alex Walsh, Dylan Walsh, Zack Walsh, Saoirse          Barry, Jessica Long, Molly Power, Georgina Quirk, Jimmy Burke, Gavin Coady, Benjamin Coffey, Alex Dee, Max Doyle, Marc Duffy, Karl Ellis-Kirwan, Jayden Haley, Bartosz Jachim, Sebastian Korpal, Oisín Lawlor, Alex McGrath, Adam Murphy, Daniel Murphy, Ronan O'Shea, Rebecca Allen, Kate Anthony, Alannah Blackmore, Aya Boshi Hassal, Clodagh Carroll, Eimear Commins, Maya Foran, Zara Grace, Katie Hearne, Katelyn Kane, Mai Kirwan, Teresa Lyons, Faye Maher, Cliodhna Malone, Amy O'Donnell.


This course was very enjoyable and informative. I really enjoyed it and the instructors got their message across very clearly. The instructors were very kind and were very helpful. I would encourage all 6th class in the future to take part in the course. Clìodhna M.


It was so much fun! I enjoyed every bit of it! I recommend this course to everyone in primary schools! Our teachers Jacinta and Rebecca, they were amazing. They had good games and activities for us!! Katie H.


This course is very fun and informative. The instructors Jacinta and Rebecca were very nice. We played a really fun game where you sit on the balloon and all your worries are gone. We also did mental health awareness. I really enjoyed this course. Faye M


I thought the Your Mind Matters course was excellent. I would highly recommend doing it. Rebecca and Jacinta were very kind. I enjoyed myself as there was plenty of fun games. It was also very informative. Kate A.


This course was fun. I really enjoyed it. I would recommend to everyone. They told us about going into secondary school like it will take time to get used to the school. I liked it a lot and we got lollipops at the end. Danny M.


 It was very fun and helpful. It will definitely help me next year. The games were really fun especially the balloon game which really relieved stress. Thanks for the day! S.B.


We did Your Mind Matters with two ladies. I think it was very helpful in preparing us for secondary school and they gave us great tips too! One of my favourite games was the Balloon Relay, I think that it was an amazing way of relieving all of your stress and the lollipops at the end were lovely too! Thank you for letting us participate in the Minds Matter programme. J. L


We went to the mind matters workshop that Fr. Moore told us about.  It was very fun and informative. We played fun games there like the emotions race and the balloon game. We played the balloon game twice because it was very fun. We talked about emotions and feelings and they were good at explaining things. I had a lot of fun there and I am happy I did it. G. Q


It was very informative. We did some games like 'the emotions race' and 'the balloon race'. The games were very fun. We talked about resilience and they described it like a rubber band and how it sometimes gets stretched but you just have to bounce back from whatever stretched your resilience. We also talked about going into secondary school and what we are nervous about and what we are excited about. At the end of it they gave us lollipops. It was mostly very fun and I enjoyed it. M.P





Anniversary Masses


Please continue to notify the Sacristans of requests for anniversary and other special masses or intentions







Contact Details

Rev. Paschal Moore PP.:

051-643112 & 087-2408078

e-mail: templeorum@ossory.ie




note that since late last year the e-mail address for fr. moore and the  parish office is templeorum@ossory.ie


Website and webcam available on templeorumparish.com


parish fm radio on 105mhz



Safeguarding Our Children. If you have a child safeguarding concern or wish to raise a matter from the past you may confidentially contact the Diocesan Designated Liaison Person, Mr. Cathal Cullen on 087 100 0232








It’s not about what you do, but how much love you put into what you do that counts.


Mother Teresa