• Owning Retirement Homes. Formerly Sue Ryder Homes

  • Fields of Rape Seed

    A sea of yellow rapeseed. Rich growth of April May

  • Lacy Carpenter
    Performing with American Singers in Piltown Church

  • Waterford's new Bridge
    The new bridge is the most modern landmark to be seen from around Templeorum village and surrounds .

  • Temleorum and Corbally Hill
    Corbally Hill overlooks Templeorum and the Suir Valley.

  • Fiddown Wooden Bridge
    Fiddown Bridge was constructed in 1853 by Waterford and Limerick Railway Company. The bridge was taken over by Great Southern and Western Railway in 1901. It was the last toll bridge in Ireland, until the modern toll roads were introduced.
  • Tybroughney Stones
    Tybroughney Stones in the Garaveyard in Tybroughney.Maintained by interested people of Tybroughney.

  • Forgiveness Stone Eucharistic Congress
    The Forgiveness Stone where people had an opportunity to beg forgiveness for the sins of the past and in particular for forgiveness where children were harmed.
  • Sunset over the Suir
    Sunset over the Suir from "Fiddown Bridge".
  • Fiddown Bridge
    Replacement bridge at Fiddown.Gateway to Waterford

Welcome To Templeorum Parish Co. Kilkenny

First Communion Preparation
This weekend we welcome all the children who are preparing to receive their First Communion in May. We wish them every blessing as they prepare to receive Jesus the Bread of Life for the first time.

Trocaire Boxes
Trocaire Boxes are available at back of the Church.  Please bring one home and return at the end of Lent.

Divine Mercy
There will be Stations of the Cross and Divine Mercy prayers in Owning House every Wednesday night at 7:30pm during Lent, beginning next Wednesday 4th March.  All are welcome

Liturgical Update
NEW COLLECTION BASKETS: Parishioners are kindly asked not to put envelopes in the new Collection Baskets.  All Envelopes should be placed in the Boxes located at the back of the churches. Thanks to all for your co-operation and ongoing support.

LENTEN TEXTS: Anyone who wishes to receive a daily Lenten text should text their mobile number to (085)8313100 or email: afd@ossory.ie

FIRST COMMUNION DATES: Piltown N.S. – Saturday, 9th May, Owning N.S. – Saturday, 16th May & Templeorum N.S. – Saturday, 23rd May. All masses @11am

FIRST CONFESSION DATES: Piltown N.S. – Friday, 13th March, Owning N.S. – Wednesday, 11th March & Templeorum N.S. – Thursday, 12th March.

NEW FRESH VOICES: New voices, especially young voices are always welcome in our Churches to read the Word of the Lord.  It adds a freshness to our ceremonies. Please volunteer and help spread the workload. Training will be supplied.  Parents please encourage your older children. It will keep them involved in our Church and also give them great confidence. You can contact any of the Sacristans or phone 087-9230283.

Piltown Ladies Gaelic Football Registration
Registration for Piltown Ladies Gaelic Football will take place in the GAA Complex on Thursday 5th March from 7pm to 8pm. Everyone who registers on the night will receive a €5 discount.  The club caters for anyone born 2010 or before.  New players are especially welcome & if you have friends in adjoining parishes, please bring them along. There is also a vibrant Gaelic4Mothers & Others group for over 21’s who play the game for fun and have built up an enjoyable social network. No previous experience required.  New coaches are also very welcome.  Check us out on Facebook or call (087)9230283 or (087)6832400.  The Piltown club celebrates 10 years of existence this year.  Why not do something positive and get involved in women’s sport for 20/20? It’s healthy, it’s fun!!

Social Dance Classes
Social dance classes (Waltz, Quickstep, Foxtrot) take place every Thursday night in the Carraig Hotel from 7:30pm-9pm. Classes are fun, social, Healthy & relaxing.  All are welcome.

G.A.A. Complex
Dancing takes place in the G.A.A. Complex every Sunday night from 9.30p.m. to 12.00a.m.  All are welcome. 
Sunday, 1st March : Micheál Sexton ; Sunday, 8th March : Mary Prendergast ;
Sunday, 15th March : Teddy & Cathal Barry ; Sunday, 22nd March : Twice Shy;
Sunday, 29th March :Checkers.



Anniversary Masses:

Piltown Church


Sat. 29th Feb. 2020 @6pm
Josie Brophy, Main Street

Owning Church


Sun. 1st March, 2020 @10am
Michael & Jeff Nolan

Tues. 17th Mar. 2020 @10am
John O’Dwyer, Ballinacroney

Sun. 22nd Mar. 2020 @10am
Dick Fahy & the Fahy Family

Sun. 29th Mar. 2020 @10am
Emily O’Gorman

Sun. 5th April, 2020 @10am
Jack Meehan
Betty & Tom Hanrahah

Templeorum Church

Sun. 1st March 2020 @9am
Dick Brophy & his Parents

Tues.17th March 2020 @9am
John & Alice Murphy & Catherine Grace

Sun.22nd March 2020 @9am
Ned Butler

Sat. 28th March 2020 @9am
Tom Reilly

Sun. 29th March 2020 @9am
Tony Kirwan

At This Time:
Betty & Dan Leahy


Contact Details

Rev. Paschal Moore PP.:
051-643112 & 087-2408078
e-mail: paschalmoore@eircom.net

Rev. Richard Brennan:

Rev. John Condon(Retired): 051- 643124