• Owning Retirement Homes. Formerly Sue Ryder Homes

  • Fields of Rape Seed

    A sea of yellow rapeseed. Rich growth of April May

  • Lacy Carpenter
    Performing with American Singers in Piltown Church

  • Waterford's new Bridge
    The new bridge is the most modern landmark to be seen from around Templeorum village and surrounds .

  • Temleorum and Corbally Hill
    Corbally Hill overlooks Templeorum and the Suir Valley.

  • Fiddown Wooden Bridge
    Fiddown Bridge was constructed in 1853 by Waterford and Limerick Railway Company. The bridge was taken over by Great Southern and Western Railway in 1901. It was the last toll bridge in Ireland, until the modern toll roads were introduced.
  • Tybroughney Stones
    Tybroughney Stones in the Garaveyard in Tybroughney.Maintained by interested people of Tybroughney.

  • Forgiveness Stone Eucharistic Congress
    The Forgiveness Stone where people had an opportunity to beg forgiveness for the sins of the past and in particular for forgiveness where children were harmed.
  • Sunset over the Suir
    Sunset over the Suir from "Fiddown Bridge".
  • Fiddown Bridge
    Replacement bridge at Fiddown.Gateway to Waterford

Welcome To Templeorum Parish Co. Kilkenny

The headline in the Irish Catholic last weekend was Ukrainians in Ireland
‘overwhelmed’ by show of support from Irish Parishes.

Fr. Vasyl Kornisky who leads the Ukrainian Catholic Community in
Dublin, said that the community has been inundated with Prayers, donations
and offers of support which he described as ‘Constant’. Many of our Parishioners have expressed a desire to reach out to help these people in their time of need.

To this end we will be having a fund-raising event in the form of a cake sale, fruit & veg, bric-a-brac, tea & coffee, raffle etc. in the Parish Community Centre on Saturday  the 26th March from 11 a.m to 2 p.m.  We ask your support. Also it is hoped that three vans loaded with much needed humanitarian aid will travel to a refugee camp on the Ukraine-Moldova border on April 3rd.

I have been informed that a donation towards the cost of shipping and diesel would be a big help as each van will need approximately €1500 to cover that expense.  The convoy will have to travel by ferry from Dublin to Cherbourg, France and then onto Belgium, Holland, Germany, Romania and into Moldova.

The list of items given to this group, The Munster Chernobyl Aid, Waterford/Kilkenny Branch is as follows:

Children’s Nappies
Sanitary Towels/Baby Wipes
Sleeping Bags/Camp Mats
Dog Food/Tinned food/Baby food especially

All Cash Donations to Templeorum Parish Ukraine fund C/o Parochial House, Piltown.  Thank you for your support.  We thank the volunteers who are taking on this task and we wish them safe journey to Moldova and Back.

  Extraordinary Ministers of Eucharist

We thank the following who have volunteered to take on this special Ministry.

New Ministers of the Eucharist
John Connolly
P Cuddihy
John McNamara
Helen Nugent
Aileen Darmody

Recommissioned Ministers of the Eucharist
Marial Ingoldsby
Colm Fleming
Dan Dineen
Bernard Flood
Victor Murray
Gavin Crowley

With only one Priest in the Parish, their Ministry will be vital not just for the celebration of the Eucharist but also for the visitation of parishioners who are housebound. We thank you so much for your commitment to this important ministry. A rota for the visitation of the sick will be drawn up soon. If you have an elderly person or a housebound person in your home who will like to receive Holy Communion please contact The Parish Office, Piltown.

Synod  I thank all of you who attended the listening session at the Community Centre last Wednesday night. It was a most constructive meeting and it was great to hear all your views and suggestions. We handed out a questionnaire a few weeks ago. Please return to Parish Office for the Attention of the Parochial Commitee.   

Your Mind Matters    This special day will take place this year in Piltown National School on the 22nd March and on the 1st April in Owning for the Boys and Girls from Owning and Templeorum National School.
The day is for sixth class pupils. Also a Drug Awareness Session will be included. It will be conducted by the Ossory Youth Team.

Weekly Envelopes  Since the Covid 19 Pandemic started the Parish has lost much needed finance. With our Churches closed the income to the Parish took a serious nose dive. We appeal to our Parishioners not to forget the Parish Faith Community. Weekly envelope boxes are up at the front of the church.  Please collect them.

Baptism  We welcome all those who were baptised during the Covid 19 pandemic also
the newly Baptised 2022

Adeline Lily Drohan Herreman
John White
Lucy White
Lottie Mia Parle
Tara Ellan Healy
Tomás Francis Purcell
Peig Donovan
Archie Richard Hearne


A few questions that the parents might reflect on;
Do you practice your Faith?
Why did you have your child baptised?
Do you realise the commitment you made for your child on that special day in their lives?

Parish Web Site
Our Parish Website is being updated.  We are looking for Volunteers to maintain it and to keep it up to date and interesting for all who visit the site. Can you Help?  We would love to hear from you.


Fr. Paschal Moore P.P         Parochial House  and Parish Office  051 643112